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Web Technologies
Web Technologies
Mobile & Web Strategy
Mobile & Web Strategy
The right strategy is key to creating a great mobile or web presence. With our experience and expertise we help identify and define this strategy for you. The goal is to ensure that the end product integrates seamlessly with your existing product portfolio and strengthens your core offerings & vision while maintaining its relevance & resilience in the competitive app space. We do this by conducting extensive competitive analysis and exhaustive user research to ensure your application meets user needs and is best in the market.
Mobile & Web Application Development
Mobile & Web Application Development
We expertise in iPhone, iPad, Android & Web-based application development. The process covers ideation, design, wire-framing, development, testing and deployment. We emphasize on defining the right strategy in the initial phases of development. This ensures that the core features are integrated into the app while keeping it lean & fast. We also truly believe that beautiful, sensible and accessible design paired with the right technology is invaluable and essential to a successful app.
User Experience Design
User Experience Design
User experience is paramount. We believe that great design is the combination of beauty and functionality. Our User Centric approach reinforces this belief with designs that are usable, functional, accessible and engaging. We craft & design experiences that delight people and inspire awe.
Our Process
We believe that the 'final product' is an evolution of our initial thoughts & ideas. We use a four-phase model to guide us on this path.
Our Process: Plan
This is where we sit down with a cup of coffee and sharpened pencils to understand your requirements and goals for the project. We will discuss the best ways to achieve them and draw a basic framework to work under. We will plan next steps, timelines, important milestones and budgets and prepare to move to the ideation phase.
Our Process: Ideate
This is the most exciting and creative phase where we brainstorm and explore ideas based on all the information gathered in the earlier phase, while always keeping the end goal in sight. We do quick prototypes of promising ideas & concepts to help us organically reach the final solution.
Our Process: Design
This is the 'blueprinting' phase where we fully develop and design the final idea chosen in the previous phase. Its all about the details and we work meticulously on all aspects from UI/UX wireframes to application architecture & data to ensure the final product meets the initial goal set out.
Our Process: Build
This is the 'execution' phase. It involves veracious and scrupulous development and testing of the final design and producing a high quality product. Our goal always is to ensure that the end product integrates seamlessly with your portfolio & vision and serves your needs in the best way while blowing your socks off!
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