Whats keeping us busy
[Android & iOS, Logo Design]
is a work management platform where users can manage their tasks, collaborate on projects, communicate effectively with their teams and track & extract reports on key metrics, which help stakeholders make the right decisions.
WorkApps Chat
[Android & iOS, Logo Design]
For all your one-on-one communication. Its Simple, Quick & Easy and has your colleagues automatically loaded when you login. It also connects you to the various departments of your Company with a single touch!
[E2E Dev: Web & Android]
is a Restaurant Kitchen Management and Ordering Platform. The backend system allows configuring menus and managing daily production, transfers and returns between main kitchen and outlets. Order Management System is integrated with a third party Cloud Telephony Service that allows Agents to take orders over phone.
[E2E App Dev: Android & iOS]
keeps you updated with upcoming movies, latest releases and blockbusters. You can see ratings and reviews from your very own people like family, friends, colleagues and send your recommendations to them as well. It allows you to watch trailers & songs, share your experience on FB and even plan a movie date with friends!
Kotak Money Watch
[E2E Dev: CMS]
is a host to varied content from financial arena and will suit the needs of information seekers across all ages. It serves both customers and prospects and help them make better financial decisions.
is India's first photography community portal by Epson that brings together photographers, the industry and professionals. Apart from awesome pictures, it features upcoming photographers, expert interviews and insights, latest news and articles to learn more.
[E2E App Dev: Android & iOS]
is the cool app to keep track of all the indian festivals, special holidays and astronomical events through the year. It provides interesting information on every festival/ event and also allows quick filtering on dates and search text. You can also add the event in your calendar and send a wish or an e-card to friends and family.
[E2E App Dev: Android]
at its core is your personal phone directory. It lists just about every phone number you may need for your home city or other cities that you frequently visit. Contact information of Businesses, Shops, Services, Products, Hospitals, Schools, Police Station, Restaurants, Government Offices etc at your fingertips!
[E2E App Dev: Android & iOS]
is an app that "keeps on giving"; it helps you discover the best offers available in your city and for your categories of interests. It is your companion that helps you stay updated on news, events and offers on your favorite brands and stores!
The Collective
[Dev: CMS]
is India’s first, and now the largest, luxury multi brand retail concept with a unique assortment of global fashion brands for men and women under one roof. The Collective provides fashion connoisseurs with personalized experience through a combination of hand-picked global fashion and warm and engaging service.
[Dev: Beta]
helps you find credible teachers or classes, in your locality, to help you nurture any talent/skill/passion you may have or want to discover ... like music, dance, painting, sports, foreign languages - you name it.
Private Investor
[E2E Dev: Platform]
is a software platform aimed at seamlessly integrating the various aspects of share investment and helping stakeholders collaborate effortlessly.
[E2E App Dev: Android]
is a social app to find company for, and quickly organize, group sports and group activities. It will help you plan a game of football with your neighbors, a poker night with your colleagues, a basketball game with classmates, a cycling trek with 'like-minded' people and more - without having to 'friend' them and without having to form groups!
Return to Sports
[E2E App Dev: Android & iOS]
is an app to push you to get out there and pick up a sport once again. It'll help you learn the basics of your favourite sport, tell you about places to go and play near where you live and find you teammates and opponents who share your passion. It'll help you commit to returning to sports, feel the thrill of the sport and also reward you for it!
[Web | Facebook | Mobile]
is our partner. Our technical expertise combined with Mediasphere's creative skills has produced many robust web-based content & social applications. Collaboration is an integral part of appillary as it provides us an opportunity to work with exciting ideas, new technologies and incredible teams.